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Learn SQL online – A curated list of courses on SQL

SQL is one of the most sought after programming languages and one of the most essential languages for analysts.

Note: Udemy has a Holiday period offer providing all courses for 10 USD only.If you have/had any plans to take up an Udemy course, this is a great opportunity to buy courses at a very low price.

LinkCourse WebsiteCourse InstructorRatingPrice in USDTime commitmentDifficulty
SQLZooSQLZooNapier University, Edinburgh, UKNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
SQL BasicsTreehouseAndrew ChalkleyNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month for complete access2 hoursBeginner
W3Schools SQLW3SchoolsW3schoolsNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
SQLCourseSQLCourseQuinStreet EnterpriseNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Reporting with SQLTreehouseAndrew ChalkleyNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month for complete access2 hoursBeginner
Modifying Data with SQLTreehouseAndrew ChalkleyNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month for complete access80 minBeginner
TutorialsPoint SQLTutorialsPointTutorialsPointNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Learn SQLCodeacademyCodeacademyNAFree3 hoursBeginner
Intro to SQL: Querying and managing dataKhan AcademyKhan AcademyNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Introduction to SQLSQLBoltSQLBoltNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
GalaXQL 3.0GalaXQLJari KomppaNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
SQL QueriesVerbatelo AcademyVerbatelo AcademyNAFree10 hoursBeginner
Operating on Data in SQLVerbatelo AcademyVerbatelo AcademyNAFree2 hoursBeginner
Creating tables in SQLVerbatelo AcademyVerbatelo AcademyNAFree12 hoursBeginner
Try SQLCodeschoolCodeschoolNAFree2-3 hoursBeginner
SQL Essential Training for DatabasesLyndaBill WeinmanNAFree trial for 10 days3 hours 27 minsBeginner
Updating your Database Management Skills to SQL Server 2014MVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy5Free4 hoursBeginner
Data Analytics: SQL for newbs, beginners and marketersUdemyJustin C4.9501 hourBeginner
Querying with Transact-SQLMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy4.8Free7 hoursBeginner
Managing BigData with MySQLCourseraDuke University4.6595 weeksBeginner
The Complete SQL BootcampUdemyJose Portilla4.6208 hoursBeginner
SQL for Punk Analytics : Mastering SQL for data analyticsUdemyPaul Scotchford4.6407.5 hoursBeginner
Stanford SQLStanfordStanford4.5FreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Database Management EssentialsCourseraUniversity of Colorado System4.5597 weeksBeginner
SQL for Newbs Masterclass: BeginnerData AnalysisUdemyA Course You"ll Actually Finish4.5203.5 hoursBeginner
SQL : The hitch hikers guide to writing SQL queriesUdemyPaul Scotchford4.5Free3.5 hoursBeginner
From 0 To 1:SQL And Databases - Heavy LiftingUdemyLoony Corn4.32014.5 hoursBeginner
SQL for Beginners: Learn through 10 examples, data provided!UdemyErik Rood4.3201.5 hoursBeginner
Learn SQL with easeUdemyMarco Eder4.3352 hoursBeginner
Database FundamentalsMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy4Free3 hoursBeginner
SQL for BusinessUdemyTaylor Chiu4Free1 hourBeginner
Spatial SQL with Postgres : A language for geographersUdemyDr. Arthur Lembo3.9354 hoursBeginner
Mongo BasicsTreehouseAndrew ChalkleyNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month for complete access87 minIntermediate
Byte-Sized-Chunks: SQL Joins in MySQLUdemyLoony CornNR202.5 hoursIntermediate
SQL: Table TransformationCodeacademyCodeacademyNAFree5 hoursIntermediate
SQL: Analyzing Business MetricsCodeacademyCodeacademyNAFree2 hoursIntermediate
Intro to Relational DatabasesUdacityUdacityNAFree4 weeksIntermediate
The Sequel to SQLCodeschoolCodeschoolNAFree4-5 hoursIntermediate
NoSQL for SQL ProfessionalsLyndaLynn LangitNAFree trial for 10 days3 hours 26 minsIntermediate
SQL Server 2014 Essentials for Oracle DBAsMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy4.9Free9 hoursIntermediate
Batting Location Charts with Vagrant and MySQLUdemyCharles Redmond4.8Free1 hourIntermediate
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases Jump StartMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy4.1Free5 hoursIntermediate
Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Jump StartMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy4Free6 hoursIntermediate
Boost Your T-SQL with the APPLY OperatorMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy5Free2 hoursExpert
Designing solutions for SQL ServerMVAMicrosoft Virtual Academy4.8Free5 hoursExpert

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  2. In the course “The Sequel to SQL” by CodeSchool, only the first (of five) lessons is free. After completion of the first less it requires you to sign up for a paid membership…..

    just a heads up

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