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Learn SAS online – A detailed list of courses on SAS

Note: Udemy has a Holiday period offer providing all courses for 10 USD only.If you have/had any plans to take up an Udemy course, this is a great opportunity to buy courses at a very low price.

LinkCourse WebsiteCourse InstructorRatingPrice in USDTime commitmentDifficulty
SAS Programming 1SASSASNAFree24 hoursBeginner
Statistics 1SASSASNAFree24 hoursBeginner
Learn logistic regression modeling in 1 weekUdemyPredictive AnalyticsNRFree2.5 hours Beginner
Customer Segmentation with Latent Class Analysis ApproachUdemyPredictive AnalyticsNRFree1.5 hours Beginner
Linear Regression Modeling in 6 Easy StepsUdemyPredictive AnalyticsNRFree2.5 hours Beginner
SAS learningUCLAInstitute for Digital Research and Education, UCLANAFreeText courseBeginner
Basic and Intermediate SASUMDUniversity of MarylandNAFreeText courseBeginner
Data Science with SASJigsaw Academy Jigsaw Academy NA75016 weeksBeginner
Data Analysis and InterpretationCourseraWelseyan UniversityVaries per course59 per courseVaries per courseBeginner
Logistic Regression (Credit Scoring) Modeling using SASUdemyGopal Prasad Malakar4.5Free16 hours Beginner
Cluster Analysis –Motivation, Theory & Practical ApplicationUdemyGopal Prasad Malakar4.5Free4 hours Beginner
Data Analysis ToolsCourseraWelseyan University4.4594 weeksBeginner
Data Management and VisualizationCourseraWelseyan University4.4594 weeksBeginner
SAS programming for beginnersUdemySharon Cheng 4.2203.5 hours Beginner
Business Analytics for Beginners: Using SASUdemyAnalytics 174.2305.5 hours Beginner
SAS Hero: Boost Your Data Analysis SkillsUdemyMr. HENG Yue4.1202 hours Beginner
Analytics for All: Beginners to ExpertsUdemyATI - Analytics Training Institute 4.05023 hoursBeginner
Uplift Modeling Made EasyUdemyPredictive Analytics3.8Free2 hours Beginner
SAS programming for analyticsUdemyDaniel Marques3.1504.5 hours Beginner
SAS OverviewUdemyJigar Vora3.1Free1 hour Beginner
SAS Programming on Data Manipulation Part I Modify VariablesUdemySharon Cheng 4.6204.5 hoursIntermediate
SAS Programming on Data Manipulation Part II Modify DatasetsUdemySharon Cheng 4.6203.5 hours Intermediate
Regression Modeling in PracticeCourseraWelseyan University4.3594 weeksIntermediate
Fraud Analytics: Case study using Logistic RegressionUdemyJigsaw Academy 3.8501.5 hoursIntermediate
Advanced SASUMDUniversity of MarylandNAFreeText courseExpert
Advanced SAS: Macros and SQLJigsaw Academy Jigsaw Academy NA3704 weeksExpert

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  1. SAS is a great choice to learn if you are stepping into the field of Data Science and this is a very comprehensive list of courses which are very helpful if you are looking for a great way to learn SAS online.

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