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Learn R online – A curated list of online courses on R

LinkCourse WebsiteCourse InstructorRatingPriceTime commitmentDifficulty
R Data Pre-Processing & Data Management - Shape your Data!UdemyR-Tutorials Training4.8USD 302.5 hoursBeginner
Case Studies in Data Mining with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.6USD 2022 hoursBeginner
R Programming A-Z: R For Data Science With Real Exercises!UdemyKirill Eremenko4.6USD 3010.5 hoursBeginner
Decision Tree - Theory, Application and Modeling using RUdemyGopal Prasad Malakar4.5Free6 hoursBeginner
Learn R Programming from ScratchUdemySunil Kumar Gupta4.5USD 202 hoursBeginner
Introduction to R for Data ScienceEDXMicrosoft4.5USD 494 weeksBeginner
Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 1: Statistics Using REDXUTAustin4.5Archived6 weeksBeginner
Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 2: Inferential StatisticsEDXUTAustin4.5Archived6 weeksBeginner
Multivariate Data Visualization with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.4USD 207 hoursBeginner
Comprehensive Linear Modeling with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.3USD 2014.5 hoursBeginner
Learn R Programming and Data Fundamentals Through ExercisesUdemyDhruv Bais4.3USD 202 hoursBeginner
R Programming for Simulation and Monte Carlo MethodsUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.2USD 2011.5 hoursBeginner
Forecasting Models with RUdemyDiego Fernandez4.2USD 206.5 hoursBeginner
Extra Fundamentals of RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.2USD 2012.5 hoursBeginner
Programming Statistical Applications in RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.2USD 2011 hoursBeginner
The Comprehensive Programming in R CourseUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.2USD 2025 hoursBeginner
Comprehensive Graphics with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.1USD 208.5 hoursBeginner
Data Mining with R: Go from Beginner to Advanced!UdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4USD 2012 hoursBeginner
Logistic Regression using R in 10 StepsUdemyAze Analytics4Free1.5 hoursBeginner
Applied Multivariate Analysis with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.3.9USD 2012 hoursBeginner
More Data Mining with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.3.8USD 2010.5 hoursBeginner
Bayesian Computational Analyses with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.3.8USD 2011.5 hoursBeginner
Building Interactive Graphs with ggplot2 and ShinyUdemyPackt Publishing3.7USD 201.5 hoursBeginner
Linear Regression, GLMs and GAMs with RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.3.7USD 208 hoursBeginner
Explore Statistics with REDXKIx: Karolinska Institutet3.5Free5 weeksBeginner
Customer Choice Modeling with RUdemyDecision Quotient3.4USD 302.5 hoursBeginner
Linear regression in R for Data ScientistsUdemyFrancisco Juretig3.3USD 207 hoursBeginner
Data Science SpecializationCourseraJohn Hopkins UniversityVaries per course$29 per course5 weeks per courseBeginner
Statistics with R SpecializationCourseraDuke UniversityVaries per course$59 per courseVaries per courseBeginner
GGPLOT2 R Package - Master Data Visualization in RUdemyAnil UgleNRUSD 204.5 hoursBeginner
Master data analysis with RDatacampDatacampNAUSD 25 per monthVaries per courseBeginner
R Programming TutorialsYoutubeMike MarinNAFreeShort video lecturesBeginner
Baseball Database Queries with SQL and dplyrUdemyCharles Redmond4.6Free3 hoursBeginner
Learn By Example: Statistics and Data Science in RUdemyLoony Corn4.5USD 209 hoursBeginner
Statistics with R - Beginner LevelUdemyBogdan Anastasiei4.4Free3 hoursBeginner
Introduction to RUdemyJagannath Rajagopal4.3USD 3515 hoursBeginner
R programming in 4 hours - Frequently used syntax by exampleUdemyGopal Prasad Malakar4.3Free2 hoursBeginner
DPLYR R Package: Introductory R Course on Data Analysis in RUdemyAnil Ugle4.3Free35 minsBeginner
R Basics - R Programming Language IntroductionUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.3Free3 hoursBeginner
Learn R for Business Analytics from Basics !UdemyAnalytics 174.2USD 201.5 hoursBeginner
R Level 1 - Data Analytics with RUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.2USD 205.5 hoursBeginner
Essential Fundamentals of RUdemyGeoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.4.1USD 2010.5 hoursBeginner
R Courses : Intro to R Programming 101UdemyAnil Ugle4Free43 minsBeginner
Introduction to R Programming - Must See Introduction to RUdemyDhruv Bais3.8Free37 minsBeginner
Data Analysis with RUdemyMangirdas Adomaitis3.7USD 505.5 hoursBeginner
The Analytics EdgeEDXMITx5USD 9912 weeksIntermediate
Programming with R for Data ScienceEDXMicrosoft3.5USD 496 weeksIntermediate
Strategic Business Analytics SpecializationCourseraEssec Business SchoolVaries per course$59 per courseVaries per courseIntermediate
Data Analysis with RUdacityFacebookNAFree2 weeksIntermediate
R Statistics Essential TrainingLyndaBarton PoulsonNAFree trial for 10 days5 hr 59 minsIntermediate
Code Clinic: RLyndaMark Niemann-RossNAFree trial for 10 days3hr 24 minsIntermediate
Up and Running with RLyndaBarton PoulsonNAFree trial for 10 days2hr 25 minsIntermediate
Statistics and REDXHarvardx3.5USD 504 weeksIntermediate
Pitch Location Charts with PITCHf/x and ggplotUdemyCharles Redmond4.9Free2 hoursIntermediate
R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data ScienceUdemyKirill Eremenko4.8USD 406 hoursIntermediate
Baseball Data Wrangling with Vagrant, R, and RetrosheetUdemyCharles Redmond4.7Free2 hoursIntermediate
Training Sets, Test Sets, R, and ggplotUdemyCharles Redmond4.6Free1.5 hoursIntermediate
Graphs in R - Data Visualization with R Programming LanguageUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.5USD 254.5 hoursIntermediate
Statistics with R - Intermediate LevelUdemyBogdan Anastasiei4.5USD 202.5 hoursIntermediate
Statistics in R - The R Language for Statistical AnalysisUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.1USD 204 hoursIntermediate
Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling with R ExamplesUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.1USD 252.5 hoursIntermediate
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in RUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.1USD 252.5 hoursIntermediate
R: Learn to Program in R & Use R for Effective Data AnalysisUdemyATI - Analytics Training Institute3.7USD 204.5 hoursIntermediate
Text Mining, Scraping and Sentiment Analysis with RUdemyR-Tutorials Training4.2USD 253 hoursExpert
Statistics with R - Advanced LevelUdemyBogdan Anastasiei2USD 204.5 hoursExpert

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