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Learn HTML/CSS online – A Curated list of HTML/CSS courses available online

Learning Web design might be the best decision you make as the career is quite rewarding. When you are comfortable after learning web design, you might check your skill through participating in web design competitions available at 99designs or Designcrowd. You could checkout more such freelancing sites here

This will be a big list of all courses available to learn web design online. I have aggregated courses from several sites and will continue to improve the list frequently. I hope this will be a good reference material.

Note: Udemy has a Holiday period offer providing all courses for 10 USD only.If you have/had any plans to take up an Udemy course, this is a great opportunity to buy courses at a very low price.

LinkDifficultyCourse WebsiteCourse InstructorRatingPrice in USDDuration
Introduction to HTML and CSSBeginnerTreehouseTreasure PorthNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses2 hours
HTML & CSSBeginnerCodeacademyCodeacademyNAFree7 hours
How to Make a WebsiteBeginnerTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses8 hours
HTMLBeginnerTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses3 hours
Intro to HTML and CSSBeginnerUdacityJessica Uelmen, Gundega Dekena, Cameron PittmanNAFree3 weeks
HTML Video and AudioBeginnerTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses116 min
Treehouse Club: HTMLBeginnerTreehouseJoy KestenNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses44 min
HTML TablesBeginnerTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses59 min
HTML FormsBeginnerTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses2 hours
HTML & CSS Ultimate Course - Build 10 WebsitesBeginnerUdemyMr Kashif Iqbal54016 hours
Build Complete Website Real World Standard:HTML CSSBeginnerUdemyNash Yusoff5202.5 hours
The Fast & Easy Way to Master The Basics of HTML5BeginnerUdemyGary Kind5201 hour
HTML For Beginners to AdvanceBeginnerUdemyKishan Jainani5204.5 hours
HTML Step-Step to Become a Web Developer Just Now!BeginnerUdemyJobboJ Courses5204.5 hours
Responsive Web Design: Complete Web Design with HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyJoseph Bergman5254 hours
HTML Canvas for Absolute beginnersBeginnerUdemyBluelime Learning Solutions5Free1.5 hours
HTML5 Core Fundamentals for Aspiring Professional DevelopersBeginnerUdemyPhil Cowcill53010.5 hours
Build a HTML5 Business Web ApplicationBeginnerUdemyKrista Hildner5202.5 hours
Learn HTML in 1 hour | Zero to HeroBeginnerUdemyMichael CoreTrex5301 hour
Learn HTML and CSS the easy way!BeginnerUdemyDr Emma Cheetham5204 hours
HTML & CSS From Scratch: Beginners Guide to Web DevelopmentBeginnerUdemyAsh Anderson5253 hours
HTML5 and CSS3 -Start building beautiful websitesBeginnerUdemyQuentin Wattez5502.5 hours
Building a HTML5 Video Player From ScratchBeginnerUdemyQScutter Tutorials5201 hour
HTML- From basics to live project.BeginnerUdemyKunal Asudani5201.5 hours
Mastering Introductory HTML5 and CSS3 Training TutorialBeginnerUdemyTeachUcomp, Inc.5206.5 hours
Learn to create awesome responsive website in HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyUsman Raoof5202 hours
HTML & CSS for beginners: Build your first websiteBeginnerUdemySteer Systems Ltd5Free3.5 hours
HTMLBeginnerUdemyLearn iT! Anytime5401.5 hours
Fresh Start HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyJesse Boyer5203 hours
HTML and CSS: A Guide to Web DesignBeginnerUdemyJames Rogers52014 hours
HTML For Beginners to AdvanceBeginnerUdemyKishan Jainani5204.5 hours
HTML- From basics to live projectBeginnerUdemyKunal Asudani5201.5 hours
AccessibilityBeginnerTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses101 min
Learn HTML5 Canvas for beginnersBeginnerUdemyLaurence SvekisNA203.5 hours
Complete Beginner to Advanced HTML DeveloperBeginnerUdemyMartin KennyNA2010.5 hours
Ultimate HTML and CSS course for Absolute Beginners 2015BeginnerUdemyPHP - AcademyNA202 hours
Complete Web Development: HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyAndy HarrisNA256.5 hours
Learn HTML and HTML5 to Build Your Web Developer FutureBeginnerUdemyJobboJ CoursesNA207 hours
HTML5 for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyPeachpit PressNAFree2 hours
Malibu Surf Code School: Intro To HTMLBeginnerUdemyMartin KennyNA201.5 hours
HTML5 24-hr TrainerBeginnerUdemyJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.NA458 hours
HTML5 - Mobile Game Development for BeginnersBeginnerUdemySaksham JainaniNA201 hour
Introduction to HTML 4 Training TutorialBeginnerUdemyTeachUcomp, Inc.NA203.5 hours
Make and Deploy HTML5 Websites - Super Fast!BeginnerUdemyAndrew DayNA201.5 hours
Developing Your First Website (HTML and CSS)BeginnerUdemyDaniel DevoNA201.5 hours
Core Concepts in HTML 5BeginnerUdemySyed MujtabaNA502 hours
Become A Web Developer And Seller - Build Websites With HTMLBeginnerUdemyAmir RimerNA502.5 hours
Learn animation using CSS3, Javascript and HTML5BeginnerUdemyMatt WallaceNA252.5 hours
Mastering Front-End: HTML for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyMartin KennyNA201 hour
Learn and Understand HTML and CSS From Scratch with VideosBeginnerUdemySkill TreeNA204.5 hours
Introduction to HTMLBeginnerUdemyRefactorU LLCNAFree1.5 hours
HTML5 for Beginning BeginnersBeginnerUdemyLearnToProgram, Inc.NA202.5 hours
HTML5 Basic Course using Notepad++BeginnerUdemyChad RoseNA201 hour
Build an HTML 5 game in Construct 2 with no coding in 1 hourBeginnerUdemyJohn BuraNA201.5 hours
Learn HTML5 & CSS3 to Build Responsive WebsitesBeginnerUdemyAbdul WaliNA206.5 hours
The Ultimate HTML DeveloperBeginnerUdemyThe Ultimate Developer SchoolNA453 hours
Mobile HTML5 App and Web Development for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias NavarroNA202.5 hours
HTML5 and javascript in Motion For Beginner Level courseBeginnerUdemySmart TechNA251.5 hours
Basic HTML CSS and Web DesignBeginnerUdemyGreat IT CoursesNA259 hours
HTML5 Game Development - Second EditionBeginnerUdemyPackt PublishingNA353 hours
Leading Voices of HTML: Complete Intro to HTML for 2016BeginnerUdemyMartin KennyNA206.5 hours
The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course - Build BBC News WebsiteBeginnerUdemyJonathan BartlettNA205 hours
Learn How To Create Mobile Apps With HTML5BeginnerUdemyInfinite SkillsNA503 hours
HTML & CSS for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyKishan JainaniNA204.5 hours
HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web DevelopersBeginnerCourseraJohn Hopkins University4.9595 weeks
Learn HTML5 & CSS3 in 3 Hours: A Responsive Webpage Tutorials4.9253 hours
Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavascriptBeginnerUdemyLoony Corn4.92013 hours
Don't Break the Back Button! Use the HTML5 History APIBeginnerUdemyDave Hollingworth4.92038 mins
Adobe RoboHelp HTML FundamentalsBeginnerUdemyRick Stone4.9203.5 hours
Convert Static Websites from HTML to PHP for Web DesignersBeginnerUdemyZeeshan Arshad4.92036 mins
HTML and CSS for Beginning Web DevelopersBeginnerUdemyStone River eLearning4.9209 hours
Learn HTML in 59 Minutes - Your intro to front-end devBeginnerUdemyBen Eveloff4.9201 hour
Learn HTML and CSS to make a WebsiteBeginnerUdemyKamran Mohsin4.9206 hours
HTML5 & CSS3 Site DesignBeginnerUdemyStone River eLearning4.8256 hours
Bulletproof HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyBen Ralph4.8504.5 hours
Introduction to HTML: Build simple HTML webpagesBeginnerUdemyPanos Spiliadis4.8201.5 hours
HTML5 CSS3 JQUERY Single Page Website Project from ScratchBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.8202.5 hours
Make iPhone, Android, & HTML5 apps using GreatAppBuilderBeginnerUdemyGreat AppBuilder4.8205 hours
Learn Construct 2: Creating an Action Platformer in HTML5!BeginnerUdemyJeremy Alexander4.8252.5 hours
HTML & CSS From Scratch in 30 DaysBeginnerUdemyJonathan Grover4.85011.5 hours
JavaScript HTML CSS Project make a Quiz TutorialBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.8202 hours
Crash Course: Fundamentals Of HTML & CSS From Scratch.BeginnerUdemyTech Lemur4.8202 hours
HTML, CSS and JavaScriptBeginnerCourseraThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology4.7593 weeks
Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyJonas Schmedtmann4.73511.5 hours
Learn HTML5 At Your Own Pace. Ideal for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyInfinite Skills4.7507 hours
EMMET Faster HTML & CSS workflow - Best Tool For DevelopersBeginnerUdemyEdwin Diaz4.7Free1 hour
Learn Construct 2: Creating a top-down shooter in HTML5!BeginnerUdemyJeremy Alexander4.7251.5 hours
HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example - Educational GameBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.7202.5 hours
Learn Easy HTML5 Game Development in Construct 2BeginnerUdemyRichard Sneyd4.7203 hours
Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyBrad Schiff4.7259 hours
Core HTML How to get online quickly HTML to HTML5BeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.7203.5 hours
Ionic by Example: Create Mobile Apps in HTML5BeginnerUdemyMirko Nasato4.7255 hours
Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyBrad Hussey4.7258 hours
Step-by-step HTML and CSS for Absolute BeginnersBeginnerUdemyKathleen Farley4.7504 hours
Introduction to HTML5BeginnerCourseraUniversity of Michigan4.6293 weeks
Build Professional Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 from ScratchBeginnerUdemyJazeb Akram4.6207.5 hours
Byte-Sized-Chunks: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with HTMLBeginnerUdemyLoony Corn4.6Free4 hours
HTML & CSS for beginners: Build 3 projects from scratchBeginnerUdemyChris Dixon4.6204 hours
Introduction to Web Development: HTMLBeginnerUdemyBrian Gorman4.6203 hours
Learn Effective HTML in No Time!BeginnerUdemySean Raborg4.6401 hour
Web Visualization with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScriptBeginnerUdemyPackt Publishing4.6302.5 hours
Design and Code a Responsive Website using HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyReinis Bērziņš4.6204 hours
Introduction to HTML5 Canvas basics of drawingBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.6201 hour
Web Development Essential Skills - Complete HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyBrett Hargreaves4.6207 hours
Learn To Build Beautiful HTML5 And CSS3 Websites In 1 MonthBeginnerUdemyRyan Bonhardt4.65011 hours
Ladies Learning Code: Intro to HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyLadies Learning Code4.6501 hour
Create An HTML5 Video Player From ScratchBeginnerUdemyCocotuts Tutorials4.6Free1.5 hours
Build Your First Website in 1 Week with HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyRyan Bonhardt4.6Free3 hours
PSD to Bootstrap 3 for Beginners using HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyAndy Clarke4.6202.5 hours
HTML and CSS for Beginners - Build a Website & Launch ONLINEBeginnerUdemyEdwin Diaz4.6Free6 hours
HTML5 Geolocation in Depth:Build 7 HTML5 Geolocation AppsBeginnerUdemyCrypters Infotech4.6256.5 hours
introduction to HTML CourseBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.6Free2 hours
Platform Game Creation With Construct 2 (HTML5)BeginnerUdemyEd Farias4.6402 hours
1 Hour HTMLBeginnerUdemyJohn Bura4.6201 hour
HTML5 IntroductionBeginneredXDale A.Schouten, Anusha Muthiah, Chris Perkins4.5Free to learn; Certification for 99 USD6 weeks
JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web DevelopmentBeginneredXSidney Andrews4.5Free (Archived)5 weeks
Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScriptBeginnerCourseraUniversity of London, Goldsmiths, University of London4.5594 weeks
Learn to make an HTML 5 website with a video backgroundBeginnerUdemyJohn Bura4.52030 mins
Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Course + 5 Web Development ProjectsBeginnerUdemyUsman Raoof4.52024.5 hours
Power up HTML5 with JavaScriptBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.5202 hours
Create Android and iOS App using HTML, CSS and JSBeginnerUdemySamarth Agarwal4.5202.5 hours
HTML Introduction Course: Learn HTML in 2 hours!!!BeginnerUdemyCodeit 24/74.5Free2 hours
Simple HTML5 Game DevelopmentBeginnerUdemyAndy Harris4.52013 hours
Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 - IntroductionBeginnerUdemyPaul Cheney4.5208 hours
Become an Expert at Creating Forms in HTMLBeginnerUdemyDave Hollingworth4.5203 hours
Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.5202 hours
Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Course +1 start to finish projectBeginnerUdemyFahad Chaudhry4.5208.5 hours
Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development CareerBeginnerUdemyMichael Bowen4.5Free4.5 hours
Learn how to create dynamic websites with just HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyBernard Myburgh4.52510.5 hours
Programming Foundations: HTML5 + CSS3 for Entrepreneurs 2015BeginnerUdemyAndrew Eddy4.5205.5 hours
Creating a Responsive HTML EmailBeginnerUdemyChris Converse4.5201.5 hours
Code a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyPaul Cheney4.53514 hours
Create Interactive HTML5 Animations with Adobe Edge AnimateBeginnerUdemyJeff Batt4.5205.5 hours
Kids Coding - Beginner HTMLBeginnerUdemyJohn Bura4.5201 hour
Discover HTML Essential guide to HTML how to create webpagesBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.5201.5 hours
Code your first Website using HTML & CSS: Project LearningBeginnerUdemyChris Dixon4.5Free1.5 hours
HTML and CSS Tutorial for beginnersBeginnerUdemyErnest Jones4.5207 hours
The Web Developers Guide: Learn HTML & CSS FundamentalsBeginnerUdemy@GeekCodeSchool Code Shool4.5207 hours
Write quicker HTML5 and CSS 3; productivity hacks with emmetBeginnerUdemyIgneus Technologies4.5Free1.5 hours
Learn HTML - The programming language to build a webpage!BeginnerUdemySarib Mujtaba4.5Free1 hour
HTML Forms For Beginners: A Basic IntroductionBeginnerUdemyBluelime Learning Solutions4.5201 hour
Custom Theme Creation for WordPress using HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyPaul Cheney4.5201.5 hours
Learn and Earn with HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyKhawar Zaman Software Engineer4.5204 hours
Advanced HTML5 Tutorial for Web DevelopersBeginnerUdemyInfinite Skills4.5507.5 hours
Add HTML5 Animation to Your Web Pages Using CreateJSBeginnerUdemyLon Hosford4.5353.5 hours
Code your first Website using HTML & CSS: Project LearningBeginnerUdemyChris Dixon4.5Free1.5 hours
Beginner Photoshop to HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyMr Carl Heaton4.4Free2 hours
Learn Construct 2: Creating a Pixel Platformer in HTML5!BeginnerUdemyJeremy Alexander4.4Free2 hours
Creating Animations using HTML5 CanvasBeginnerUdemySunil Kumar Gupta4.4201 hour
HTML for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyStone River eLearning4.4Free2.5 hours
Build Real World Websites from Scratch using HTML5 and CSS3BeginnerUdemyEng Issam Baou4.4207.5 hours
HTML Simplified, Learning Web DevelopmentBeginnerUdemyBasam Alasaly4.4202.5 hours
Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-HoursBeginnerUdemyBrad Hussey4.4204 hours
Master Website Development Using HTML & CSS-españolBeginnerUdemyErudeversity Video Library4.4Free1.5 hours
You can create Incredible Websites with HTML CSS learn howBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.4202.5 hours
Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From ScratchBeginnerUdemyBradley Berger4.4Free1 hour
Learn HTML in 2 hours!BeginnerUdemyDr Emma Cheetham4.4Free1.5 hours
HTML Tutorial: HTML & CSS for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyLearnToProgram, Inc.4.4304 hours
HTML5 APIs For JavaScript - A Course For Web DevelopersBeginnerUdemyInfinite Skills4.4505 hours
Essential HTML, CSS & HTML5 TrainingBeginnerUdemySimon Sez IT4.4205.5 hours
Mastering HTML5 Programming - The Easier WayBeginnerUdemyEDUmobile Academy4.4207 hours
Programming and the Web for BeginnersBeginnerCourseraDuke University4.3594 weeks
Create a Portfolio Website with HTML, CSS & BootstrapBeginnerUdemySandy Ludosky4.3202 hours
HTML5 Mobile Game Development with PhaserBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.3302.5 hours
HTML & CSS - Learn to build sleek websitesBeginnerUdemySandy Ludosky4.3203.5 hours
HTML5 Game from scratch step by step learning JavaScriptBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.3202.5 hours
HTML and CSS Beginner GuideBeginnerUdemyJack Carr4.3452.5 hours
Intro To HTML & CSS: Web Development For BeginnersBeginnerUdemyTanner Pontius4.3204 hours
HTML & CSS : Develop web pages in HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyAnkit Shrivastava4.3252.5 hours
Learn HTML5 Programming From ScratchBeginnerUdemyEduonix Learning Solutions4.3Free10.5 hours
iOS and Android HTML5 Apps for BeginnersBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.3205.5 hours
Faster HTML & CSS workflow with Emmet + BootstrapBeginnerUdemyMohammad Tahir4.3Free1 hour
Learn HTML And CSS From ScratchBeginnerUdemyMicrosoft Certified Trainer Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed4.3Free2 hours
How to Sell Wordpress, HTML and PSD Themes on ThemeforestBeginnerUdemyÄ°lkay Alpgiray4.3401.5 hours
HTML and CSS Crash Course for BeginnersBeginnerUdemySimon Sez IT4.3204.5 hours
Create a Website from Scratch using HTML CSS step by stepBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.3201.5 hours
Build an HTML5 and CSS3 Website in 35 MinutesBeginnerUdemyAjdin Imsirovic4.32042 mins
Getting Started with HTMLBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.3201.5 hours
HTML CSS JavaScript : Complete web development bundleBeginnerUdemyAnkit Shrivastava4.3303 hours
Master Website Development From Scratch Using HTML & CSSBeginnerUdemyQAEversity .4.3203 hours
Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web DevelopmentBeginnerUdemyMindMekka ®4.3Free3 hours
Easily Learn HTML 5 From ScratchBeginnerUdemyCode Geeks4.3Free1 hour
HTML & HTML5 Crash Course for EntrepreneursBeginnerUdemyCodeit 24/74.3203.5 hours
Build a website HTML5 CSS3 Beginner CourseBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.3202 hours
HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example -Veggies vs ZombiesBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.3202.5 hours
HTML5 MasterClass Using Video & Audio in HTML5BeginnerUdemyInfinite Skills4.3502 hours
HTML5 & CSS3: Build a Modern Youtube Homepage From ScratchBeginnerUdemyHesham Emara4.2Free2 hours
The complete HTML5 courseBeginnerUdemyMr. Shivam Thareja4.2201.5 hours
How to create HTML FormsBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.2Free40 mins
Coding Made Easy: HTML & CSS For BeginnersBeginnerUdemyFred Williams4.2Free1.5 hours
Building HTML5 Forms - Everything You Need To Know!BeginnerUdemyInfinite Skills4.2501 hour
HTML Made Simple For Beginners: Create a One Page WebsiteBeginnerUdemyBluelime Learning Solutions4.2202 hours
HTML Complete Course - Beginner to ExpertBeginnerUdemyFrank Jeff4.2Free1.5 hours
HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners with LimeJSBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.2205.5 hours
Learn to make HTML 5, Facebook, Chrome Store games and more!BeginnerUdemyJohn Bura4.25032 hours
HTML 5 - HTML5 training for web developersBeginnerUdemyAnkit Shrivastava4.2201.5 hours
How To Create Your Very First Website With HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyRobin Haney4.2202 hours
Learn HTML 5 in 1 hourBeginnerUdemyJohn Bura4.2201 hour
HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap - How to Create a Responsive WebsiteBeginnerUdemyIvan Martinez4.2203.5 hours
HTML5 Simple Game Programming PreparationBeginnerUdemyAndy Harris4.1Free5 hours
Beginner HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyCaleb Curry4.1Free5.5 hours
HTML - Learn HTML in 8 stepsBeginnerUdemyAnkit Shrivastava4.1201.5 hours
Web Development: HTML, CSS, & JavaScript for Coding SitesBeginnerUdemyAsem Hamid4.1203.5 hours
Learn HTML Basics From ScratchBeginnerUdemyMohammad Tahir Ahmed4.1Free3 hours
Learn HTML, A practical guide from scratch to HTML 5BeginnerUdemyIgneus Technologies4.1203 hours
Learn to Make an Animated Image Gallery using HTML5BeginnerUdemyEduonix Learning Solutions4.1Free1 hour
Use & Embed Icons into Your Website with HTML & CSS tricks.BeginnerUdemyKunal Asudani4.1203.5 hours
Intro to HTML5 Game DevelopmentBeginnerUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.1201.5 hours
Building HTML5 Canvas projects from scratchBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.1202 hours
Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScriptBeginnerUdemyJohn Bura4.1307 hours
Building Responsive Websites with HTML 5 & CSS3BeginnerUdemyStone River eLearning4.1203.5 hours
A how to guide in HTMLBeginnerUdemySyed Mujtaba4.1Free35 mins
Building HTML5 Canvas projects from scratchBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4.1202 hours
Building a Portfolio in 90 minutes ( HTML, CSS, Js )BeginnerUdemySamarth Paboowal4202 hours
Learn HTML Fast and Easy!BeginnerUdemyJohn Williams4301.5 hours
HTML5 - Background Processes with Web Workers in DepthBeginnerUdemyQScutter Tutorials4201 hour
Learn Dynamic HTML5 ProgrammingBeginnerUdemySkill Pass4203 hours
Create HTML Email from scratch in just 2 hoursBeginnerUdemyMaxim Maslov4201.5 hours
HTML5 canvas Bootcamp for beginners 25 easy stepsBeginnerUdemyLaurence Svekis4202 hours
Learn Web Development Using HTML5 Advanced ProgramingBeginnerUdemySomenath Sen4203 hours
HTML WorkshopBeginnerUdemyVigoma Technologies4Free2 hours
The Complete HTML & CSS Course - From Novice To ProfessionalBeginnerUdemyJoe Parys4507.5 hours
Kickstart Guide: Build a site with HTML and CSSBeginnerUdemyBrian Wood4305 hours
Basic and Advanced HTML LessonsBeginnerUdemyJason Moore4201 hour
Prototyping with Foundation for AppsIntermediateTreehouseGuli HernandezNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses2 hours
Build a Blog with Jekyll and GitHub PagesIntermediateTreehouseGuli HernandezNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses114 min
SVG BasicsIntermediateTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses46 min
Creating Interactive HTML5 VideoIntermediateUdemyJeff BattNA202 hours
HTML5 Part 1: HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best PracticesIntermediateedXMichel Buffa5Free to learn; Certification for 99 USD6 weeks
HTML5 Part 2: Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 AppsIntermediateedXMichel Buffa5Free to learn; Certification for 99 USD4 weeks
Rails Ecommerce App with HTML Template from ThemeforestIntermediateUdemyRuby on Rails PRO Evgen Obraztsov5252 hours
HTML5, Java Script, DOM, JQuery & Ajax Basic to IntermediateIntermediateUdemyMaringanty Adithya5203 hours
Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 - IntermediateIntermediateUdemyPaul Cheney4.9204 hours
Phonegap & Ludei - Build HTML5 CSS & JS AppsIntermediateUdemyLawrence Turton4.85010.5 hours
How to Program Games: Tile Classics in JS for HTML5 CanvasIntermediateUdemyGamkedo Game Development Coach Chris DeLeon4.83014 hours
Canvas image Creator HTML5 JavaScript project from ScratchIntermediateUdemyLaurence Svekis4.5203.5 hours
Create a HTML5 Game from ScratchIntermediateUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.5202.5 hours
Projects in HTML5IntermediateUdemyEduonix Learning Solutions4.42015.5 hours
Build an Advanced Single Page Website with Bootstrap & HTML5IntermediateUdemyJuan Pablo De la torre Valdez4.4204 hours
Website Wireframing with HTML5 & CSS3IntermediateUdemyStone River eLearning4.4203 hours
Create an Infinite Flyer Game With Construct 2 (HTML5)IntermediateUdemyEd Farias4.3402 hours
HTML5 Essentials for BeginnersIntermediateUdemySimon Sez IT4.3201.5 hours
Learn Construct 2: Creating an RPG in HTML5!IntermediateUdemyJeremy Alexander4.3203 hours
Create a Single HTML5 ResumeIntermediateUdemyElias Sarantopoulos4.3201 hour
BlackBerry 10 App Development with HTML5IntermediateUdemyPablo Farias Navarro4.1202 hours
Responsive ImagesAdvancedTreehouseNick PettitNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses65 min
Mastering HTML5 CanvasAdvancedUdemyPackt Publishing5303.5 hours
HTML5 + CSS3 Responsive Web DesignAdvancedUdemyVTC Software Training4.7Free8.5 hours


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