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C# is one of the powerful object-oriented programming languages. You can learn C# online with the help of online courses, either free or paid. This is a comprehensive list of C# courses available online.

This is not a perfect list. If there are any important courses missed out or if there are issues with the courses listed below, please reply to me in the comments section so that I can act on it.

Happy learning!

Note: Udemy has a Holiday period offer providing all courses for 10 USD only.If you have/had any plans to take up an Udemy course, this is a great opportunity to buy courses at a very low price.

LinkCourse WebsiteCourse InstructorRatingPrice in USDTime commitmentDifficulty
C# BasicsTreehouseJeremy McLainNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses3 hoursBeginner
Programming for Complete Beginners in C#UdemyEric Wise4.5206.5 hoursBeginner
A 16 Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013UdemyTom Owsiak4.42516 hoursBeginner
C# ObjectsTreehouseJeremy McLainNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses5 hoursBeginner
TutorialsPoint C#TutorialsPointTutorialsPointNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
LearnCS - C#LearnCSLearnCSNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Home and Learn C#Home and LearnHome and LearnNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Complete C# TutorialComplete C# TutorialComplete C# TutorialNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
Dotnet Academy - C#Dotnet AcademyDotnet AcademyNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner
C# for Beginners - Learn by codingUdemyE-learning AcademyNA203.5 hoursBeginner
C# For Beginners: Programming in Windows FormsUdemyKory PearmanNA208 hoursBeginner
Nail C# programming in six sessionsUdemyVivek MehtaNA2044 minsBeginner
Learn Collections in C# and .NETUdemyInfinite SkillsNA503 hoursBeginner
C# 6.0 First lookLyndaReynald AdolpheNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses63 minsBeginner
Up and Running with C#LyndaGerry O' BrienNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses3 hours 16 minsBeginner
Intro to Programming with C#UdemyZach Freedman5.0203.5 hoursBeginner
Advanced C# : Empower Yourself with Advanced C# SkillsUdemySuresh Kumar Srivastava5.0304 hoursBeginner
Create Your WebBrowser: Learn C# Fundamentals PracticallyUdemyLecturer Eric Goh5.0354.5 hoursBeginner
Android Development Using C# and Visual Studio 2012UdemyVTC Software Training5.0Free8 hoursBeginner
C# : Learn C# in Simple WayUdemySuresh Kumar Srivastava5.02042 minsBeginner
C# Fundamentals for Absolute BeginnersMVAMicrosoft5.0Free8 hoursBeginner
First Careful Steps Towards Success In C#UdemyTom Owsiak4.9252.5 hoursBeginner
Fundamentals of Programming: Understanding C#UdemyJesse Dietrichson4.82010.5 hoursBeginner
C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by CodingUdemyMosh Hamedani4.7205.5 hoursBeginner
How to setup PayPal "Buy Now" button with ASP.NET (C#)UdemyLin Zhang4.6201 hourBeginner
Boost Your C# With Behavioural Design PatternsUdemyMark Farragher4.6403.5 hoursBeginner
Unity3D Master Series: Volume 2 | c# Intro to programmingUdemySchool of Game Design4.6203 hoursBeginner
Explore the Fundamentals of C# ProgrammingUdemyWalt Ritscher4.62510.5 hoursBeginner
Selenium, C# and Everything in BetweenUdemyRoei Sabag4.65013.5 hoursBeginner
C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean CodeUdemyMosh Hamedani4.6203.5 hoursBeginner
Beginning Game Programming with C#CourseraUniversity of Colorado System4.62912 weeksBeginner
C# Memory Tricks: Learn How To Master The Garbage CollectorUdemyMark Farragher4.5403.5 hoursBeginner
Xamarin Android - A Master Guide to App Development in C#UdemyMr Grant Klimaytys4.5257.5 hoursBeginner
C# Developers: Double Your Coding Speed with Visual StudioUdemyMosh Hamedani4.5202.5 hoursBeginner
Spice Up Your C# Code With Advanced Language FeaturesUdemyMark Farragher4.5402.5 hoursBeginner
Learning Android App Creation With C#UdemyInfinite Skills4.5503 hoursBeginner
Make VR Games in Unity with C# - Cardboard, Gear VR, OculusUdemyBen Tristem4.53513 hoursBeginner
C# Tutorial - Fundamentals for BeginnersUdemyStefanos Arapakis4.5253.5 hoursBeginner
C# Performance Tricks: How To Radically Speed Up Your Code.UdemyMark Farragher4.5404.5 hoursBeginner
SharePoint 2013 Development using C# - Part IUdemyKameswara Uppuluri4.5358.5 hoursBeginner
C# 6 from ScratchPluralsightJesse Liberty4.5299 USD per year for complete access3 hours 6 minsBeginner
C# Programming a Practical Applications ApproachUdemyCharlie Chiarelli4.43017.5 hoursBeginner
Mastering ASP.NET and ADO.NET with C#UdemyDigitorious Technologies4.4255 hoursBeginner
Boost Your C# With Structural And Creational Design PatternsUdemyMark Farragher4.4404 hoursBeginner
Unity 5 Professional Guide - Mastering C# Programming!UdemyJosé Augusto Thomas4.42510.5 hoursBeginner
A 20 Hour C# 6.0 Course With Web Forms And Intro To UnityUdemyTom Owsiak4.42020 hoursBeginner
C# Cross-Platform Tricks: Run ASP.NET Applications On LinuxUdemyMark Farragher4.4404.5 hoursBeginner
C#: The Complete Foundation!UdemyDanny Boehm4.4208 hoursBeginner
C# Anti-Patterns: A List Of Programming Practices To AvoidUdemyMark Farragher4.4403 hoursBeginner
Learn ASP NET with Bootstrap,Entity Framework,JavaScript,C#UdemyCodeit 24/74.42011 hoursBeginner
Build a Tycoon Business Sim in Unity3D: C# Game DevelopmentUdemyOdoo Class Videos4.3209 hoursBeginner
TCP/IP Socket Programming in C# .Net For Coders & StudentsUdemyNaeem Akram4.3201.5 hoursBeginner
C# Basics: Learn to Code the Right WayUdemyMr Grant Klimaytys4.3Free1.5 hoursBeginner
Xamarin iOS - A Master Guide to App Development in C#UdemyMr Grant Klimaytys4.3257.5 hoursBeginner
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in C#UdemyDeepali Srivastava4.3307.5 hoursBeginner
How To Write Bulletproof Multi-Threaded C# CodeUdemyMark Farragher4.3403 hoursBeginner
ASP NET Core (ASP NET 5),MVC 6,C#,Angular2 & EF Crash CourseUdemyCodeit 24/74.3207 hoursBeginner
Xamarin: Code Once on C#, Build Android AND iOS AppsUdemyEduardo Rosas4.2309.5 hoursBeginner
Intro C#UdemyPeter Thorsteinson4.2Free8 hoursBeginner
Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps)UdemyHuw Collingbourne4.2304 hoursBeginner
Data Structures and Algorithms in C#UdemyDeepali Srivastava4.23010.5 hoursBeginner
SharePoint 2013 Development Using C# - Part IIUdemyKameswara Uppuluri4.23511 hoursBeginner
Popular C# Projects With Source CodesUdemyÖzgür ÖZTÜRK 4.1501.5 hoursBeginner
Write Asynchronous C# Code With Tasks and PLINQUdemyMark Farragher4.1403 hoursBeginner
Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & StudentsUdemyNaeem Akram4.1201.5 hoursBeginner
Learn to code in c# in unity 3d in 1 hour for beginnersUdemyJohn Bura4.1201 hourBeginner
C# IntroductionUdemyCompuWorks Trainers4.1209.5 hoursBeginner
Learning C# .NET - Programming for Beginners.UdemyInfinite Skills4.0507.5 hoursBeginner
Programming with C#edXMicrosoft4.0Free to learn; Verified certificate for 90 USD6 weeksBeginner
Introduction to C#_ Getting StartedUdemySoftware and Web Developer Prem Kumar3.9Free1.5 hoursBeginner
C#.NET LINQ Tutorial - LINQ FundamentalsUdemyEmre Şavklı3.9202.5 hoursBeginner
Learn C# & SQLite Programming from basic to advancedUdemyAlireza Chegini3.9202 hoursBeginner
Master WCF 4.0 From Scratch Using C#UdemyKameswara Uppuluri3.9307 hoursBeginner
C#.Net From ScratchUdemyMicrosoft Certified Trainer Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed3.7206.5 hoursBeginner
Learn C# Programming from Scratch: Build 13 Console AppsUdemyUbaid Kazi3.1201.5 hoursBeginner
Build Android Apps using C# and Xamarin MonoUdemyYoda Learning3.0203 hoursBeginner
Unity 5 + Javascript + C#: Complete CourseUdemyAwesome Teach Inc.3.0201.5 hoursBeginner
Design Patterns Through C#UdemySuresh Kumar Srivastava2.4305.5 hoursBeginner
100 Bestselling Courses-Game Physics - Extend Unity 3D's Physics Engine in C# CodeUdemyBen Tristem4.7205.5 hoursIntermediate
Querying With LINQTreehouseCarling KirkNAFree trial for 7 days; 25 USD per month to access all courses4 hoursIntermediate
C# with .NET ProgrammingLyndaAlexander ZanfirNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses74 minsIntermediate
C# Design PatternsLyndaReynald AdolpheNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses82 minsIntermediate
C# Test Driven DevelopmentLyndaReynald AdolpheNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses55 minsIntermediate
LINQ with C# Essential trainingLyndaOlivia ChiuNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses96 minsIntermediate
C# Delegates, Events, and LambdasLyndaJoe MariniNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses69 minsIntermediate
C# Essential TrainingLyndaDavid GassnerNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses5 hoursIntermediate
Code Clinic: C#LyndaDavid GassnerNAFree trial for 10 days; 20/30 USD per month to access all courses3 hours 14 minsIntermediate
Programming in C# Jump StartMVAMicrosoft5.0Free7 hoursIntermediate
Applying Functional Principles in C#PluralsightVladimir Khorikov5.0299 USD per year for complete access3 hours 28 minsIntermediate
C# Intermediate Programming : Applications Driven ApproachUdemyCharlie Chiarelli4.93525.5 hoursIntermediate
C# Advanced Topics: Take Your C# Skills to the Next LevelUdemyMosh Hamedani4.7203 hoursIntermediate
Build A YouTube Downloader With C# And GitHubUdemyTom Owsiak4.7202.5 hoursIntermediate
Developing Universal Windows Apps with C# and XAMLMVAMicrosoft4.7Free11 hoursIntermediate
Learn Advanced C# Scripting in Unity 5Udemy3dmotive LLC4.6355.5 hoursIntermediate
Learn C#: Make a Databased App with Entity FrameworkUdemyMatt Turner4.6202.5 hoursIntermediate
C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOPUdemyMosh Hamedani4.6206 hoursIntermediate
Build A Stock Downloader With Visual Studio 2015 And C#UdemyTom Owsiak4.5201.5 hoursIntermediate
Dynamic C# fundamentalsPluralsightJason Roberts4.5299 USD per year for complete access2 hours 50 minsIntermediate
Intro to C# Programming and Scripting for Games in UnityUdemy3dmotive LLC4.2304 hoursIntermediate
A 13 Hour SQL Server 2014 /ASP.NET/CSS/C#/JQuery CourseUdemyTom Owsiak4.22014 hoursIntermediate
Automated Trading Strategies using C# and NinjaTrader 7UdemyRyan Moore3.9201 hourIntermediate
What is new in C# 6UdemyMarián Košťál3.8Free30 minsIntermediate
Microsoft Visual C#.Net - FundamentalsUdemyParallel Branch Inc3.6202.5 hoursIntermediate
Bank Queue Simulation Project in C#UdemyAjmal Jalal3.4Free1 hourIntermediate
Building Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin and C#UdemyInfinite Skills3.3503.5 hoursIntermediate
Developer Productivity: What's New in C# 6MVAMicrosoft4.8Free4 hoursAdvanced
Twenty C# Questions AnsweredMVAMicrosoft4.0Free3 hoursAdvanced
Introduction to JSON with C#MVAMicrosoft4.0FreeSelf-pacedAdvanced
C# Tutorial
Guru99Alex NordeenNAFreeSelf-pacedBeginner

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